hostapd + vlans - which version of hostapd is documented?!

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Wed Sep 13 15:08:44 EDT 2006

Hello Michael,

Wednesday, September 13, 2006, 9:35:40 PM, you wrote:

MG> sophisticated setup). Although vlans would be the best solution from a
MG> security standpoint
 I'm totally confused.
 This documentation [1] is VERY like to documentation for hostapd, but contains many "extended" features and config keywords, whcih my version of hostpad (0.4.8, almost latest) can not understand. And even "latest developing version" (0.5.5) knows nothing about "multi_ssid" and things like that. For which version is this documentation prepared?
 Is it version, changed by Devicespace? But hostpad GPLed and I can not find changed sources...


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