IEEE 802.11i pre-authentication problem

Rafa Marin Lopez rafa at
Tue Sep 12 20:21:53 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I have been testing IEEE 802.11i pre-authentication and everything is ok 
except when STA moves to pre-authenticated AP. After the movement STA 
sends the PMKID to pre-authenticated AP but full EAP authentication is 
still run.

I have noticed that during pre-authentication PMKSA cache in the target 
AP is not set with the new PMK.

In particular,

"   if (wpa_auth_pmksa_add(sta->wpa_sm, key,
                                       sta->eapol_sm) == 0) {
                        hostapd_logger(hapd, sta->addr, HOSTAPD_MODULE_WPA,
                                       "added PMKSA cache entry 

it does not add the PMKSA because sta->wpa_sm is NULL. Is this a bug?


Rafael Marin Lopez
Faculty of Computer Science-University of Murcia
30071 Murcia - Spain
Telf: +34968367645    e-mail: rafa at

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