Using wpa_supplicant with non-802.11 networks

Chhaya, Harshal hchhaya at
Mon Sep 11 18:52:57 EDT 2006


I am curious to know if anyone is using (or planning
to use) the 'wpa_supplicant' package on non-802.11

Some of the other wireless technologies like WiMAX (802.16) 
have protocols similar to those in 802.11i for authentication 
(EAP-based) and key management and I think that the related 
portions of wpa_supplicant could be used in this case. 

However, there are also differences regards to network 
scanning and security association management. I assume that
code for this new functionality would have to be written.

I would like to know:

a) if anyone is currently doing this (using this package for
non-802.11 networks)
b) if there are plans on doing this
c) if I have to do this, is it possible for me to keep certain
modules of the current code-base but replace the scanning
related parts with new code?

Another thing I am curious about is the embedebility of the
package. Is it possible to port the package (or at least major 
parts of it) to an embedded processor that doesn't run 
Linux/Windows/etc.? What portions of the package absolutely
need a high-level OS?

Thanks for creating and maintaining this very useful piece
of software.

- Harshal

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