Segmentation Fault

Vincent Maurin vincent.maurin at
Mon Sep 11 11:37:10 EDT 2006

Hi again,

Jouni Malinen a écrit :
> Could you please try this under wpa_supplicant 0.5.5? It won't fix any
> problems that may be in the driver interface code, but it may remove
> this segfault.

After a deeper search in the code, I think that there is the same 
problem in wext driver that there was in ndis driver (reported here

In wpa_driver_wext_scan line 1044 of driver_wext.c, a timeout is created
eloop_register_timeout(3, 0, wpa_driver_wext_scan_timeout, drv, drv->ctx);

If the interface is removed before the timeout expires, it would be 
cancelled in wpa_driver_wext_deinit with
eloop_cancel_timeout( wpa_driver_wext_scan_timeout, drv, drv->ctx);

As the Andrea's driver is is mainly based on the wext one, he may have 
this bug too.


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