Segmentation Fault

Vincent Maurin vincent.maurin at
Mon Sep 11 09:07:02 EDT 2006

Andrea Scharfe a écrit :
> Scan timeout - try to get results
> So do you think that is the same error you were reporting earlier?

Well in wpa_driver_wext_scan, a timeout is created :

eloop_register_timeout(3, 0, wpa_driver_wext_scan_timeout, drv, drv->ctx);

Check if the same timeout is created in wpa_driver_...._scan
So it would be cancelled in deinit ...
I think it's a bug (Jouni can confirm ?)

Try to add in wpa_driver_....._deinit :
eloop_cancel_timeout(wpa_driver_...._scan_timeout, drv, drv->ctx);

If it's a confirmed bug, this fix is ok (eloop_cancel_timeout always
works, even if the timeout doesn't exist)


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