Segmentation Fault

Andrea Scharfe schmedi at
Mon Sep 11 08:37:47 EDT 2006

Hi Vincent,

my driver is mainly based on the wext driver and there is no
eloop_cancel_timeout in the wpa_driver_..._deinit function. Does the
timeout bug only apply to the ndis driver?
As I did not write the driver myself I don't really know what to change :-(

In my case, it seems that one scan request has been canceled, but a
second one has reached its timeout:

Cancelling scan request
Scan timeout - try to get results

So do you think that is the same error you were reporting earlier?

Thanks a lot,


>Look at this mail I've send   ->

>There was a bug in ndis_driver where one of the scan timeout wasn't
>Check in your driver if you cancel all the timeout in wpa_driver_****_deinit

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