Segmentation Fault

Andrea Scharfe schmedi at
Mon Sep 11 07:21:29 EDT 2006

Hi Vincent,

thanks for you reply. However, I think that the problem with the scan
results is only the result of something that went wrong before.
As I said, I already did about 100 or 500 associations before and all went fine.
I don't understand why the driver brings the
"ioctl error HEOCDRIVPRIV!: Machine is not on the network"
but everytime this occurs I get a segmentation fault sooner or later.
This might be a problem of my driver or network device, but I would
like to know why the supplicant wants to get the scan results when I
have already removed the interface and State went from SCANNING to
It really seems like there were to separate scannings in progress.

Any ideas about this?



>I think it is a driver problem in get_scan_results.

>Scan results: 16915
>Not enough room for all APs (16915 < 128)

>Your get_scan_result return a huge number of AP (16915), and I think
>fill the memory with incoherent value that wpa supplicant will use.
>These bad values conduct to the segfault


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