v0.5.5 can't find adapter under Windows 2000

ALG-2006 at web.de ALG-2006 at web.de
Mon Sep 11 06:37:36 EDT 2006

it seems that version 0.5.5 (compiled for NDIS) lost the ability to recognize adapters under Windows 2000 after the changes described in the Changelog:

* ndis_events: Changed NDIS event notification design to use WMI to
	  learn the adapter description through Win32_PnPEntity class; this
	  should fix some cases where the adapter name was not recognized
	  correctly (e.g., with some USB WLAN adapters, e.g., Ralink RT2500
	  USB) [Bug 113]

You will receive an error saying:

'Failed to query interface GUID from Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration: 0x8007000e' after 'ndis_events: WMI: SELECT Index FROM Win32_NetwokAdapterConfiguration where SettingID = {....}

Can someone confirm this or sugest a solution ?

Thank you very much.

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