Proper startup in order to get best list of aps with scan_results

George S. Lockwood gslockwood at
Wed Sep 6 19:51:39 EDT 2006

In a recent thread (about remove and add interfaces), you mentioned
that I had not enabled a network before scanning and scan_resulting...

How to get the best scan_results at cli startup?  Should I ap_scan=1
and then enable a "dummy" network? then scan_results?  I don't wish to
connect at startup, just get a list of aps.  Connecting to a network
happens a bit later.

the other question I have about scanning is in that other thread, but
is: do I request a scan, and then wait for some precribed amount of
time (to wait for the NIC to finish scanning), and then request a
scan_result? or can I call scan_result immediately after a scan
request (because control won't return to me until the scan has

as always thanks,


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