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Mon Sep 4 14:29:41 EDT 2006

> Hi,
> I'm currently designing a small box with access point functionnality.
> I don't which kind of hardware to use for the access point (PCMCIA, 
> PCI, USB....)
 From personal experience, I would recommend either a  PCI/Cardbus or 
PCMCIA card,  and to stay away from USB based devices.
> Do you have some ideas about the price of those components for 100 000 
> units ?
No idea, sorry
> Do you know some integrated small form factor cards supporting hostap ?
Well, HostAP will work with pretty much any device which has either a 
Prism or Atheros Chipset in it.

For a small form factor, I would recommend MiniPCI cards, such as those 
found in laptops.  An Atheros based MiniPCI card will give you a 
802.11b/g Access Point (up to 108mbit/s with TurboG proprietary 
extension) with (depending on the hardware) one or two antenna connections.

Look at the Atheros website wiki for a list of all supported cards in 
all form factors.

Another option, which I have personally seen used on some AP's are 
PCMCIA/Cardbus cards. These have the benefit of being easily removable 
(e.g. for replacement).

The only issue I have seen is that because Cardbus cards work in 
laptops, and they are easy to remove,  a huge number of these access 
points had their cards stolen by people.

> Thanks and regards
No problem, hope I was of some help =)
> Stephane
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