how to patch your ram-download firmware image to allow more channels

Wilfried Klaebe hostap at
Wed Jul 16 13:21:41 EDT 2003

Am Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 10:25:50PM +0200 schrieb Wilfried Klaebe:

I just realized I an error in my howto... 

It says there:

> Change to FF2F (channels 1 to 13), subtract 0x10 from checksum at end
> of line (8A) =>

which is wrong, since the bitmask for channels 1 to 13 is in fact FF1F,
while FF2F would be channels 1 to 12 plus 14.

So, for ETSI areas, where channels 1 to 13 are allowed, just delete
the PDR line and leave the FF1F alone. For areas with all 14 channels
allowed, the next paragraph applies nevertheless:

> Of course, you could also change that data to FF3F, allowing all 14
> channels (which would be against regulations). Don't forget to change
> the checksum by 0x20 then...

This should work for both types of firmware, ram-download as well as flash.
For flash, I am not sure if you can read PDR 0104 afterwards.

regards, Wilfried
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