TX rate unchange problem.

최 창국 ckchoi95 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 19 03:46:40 EST 2003

Hello everyone.

I am Kris Choi. 

I'm programming my own host based AP driver with Samsung Magic Lan which is 
using HFA3841 chip.

So far, everything looks working fine except the AP transmit always in 

I think I tried all method in Intersil Programmers Manual, but TX Rate 
never changed. (Neither Current Tx Rate record).

Also, the host AP source code from http://hostp.epitest.fi  include a 
that Current Tx Rate is always 2 on HFA384X chip set.

I want to know the comment means whether transmitting 11Mbps with HFA3841 
is impossible or I should do something else to enable 11Mbps transmission.

Thank you for your reply.

책상위에 다리 올리고 느긋하게 즐긴다... MSN 온라인 상영관  

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