EAP-TLS and WEP together with hostapd!

David Chen dave at interepoch.com.tw
Tue Jan 14 21:43:51 EST 2003

Hi all

I am now trying EAP-TLS with hostap driver and hostapd. 

EAP-TLS works fine with windows 2000 IAS server if the WEP is not turned on as followed:

hostapd -x -o192.168.168.200 -a192.168.168.220 -stest wlan0

but the hostapd doesn't receive even authentication request if the individual key mapping is turned on as followed:

hostapd -x -b5 -i5 -o192.168.168.200 -a192.168.168.220 -stest wlan0

does anyone has similar experience and is able to give me a few pointers?


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