evilbunny evilbunny at sydneywireless.com
Mon Oct 28 00:00:24 EST 2002

Hello hostap,

  I've updated to the latest stable version of HostAP (as well as
  the previous version) couldn't get DHCP addresses via that interface...

  When I ngrep on the linux box, I can see the request coming in via
  the wlan0 interface, but no response is being sent out, have I
  stuffed the config, or anything similarly stupid or is this a bug
  and I'm chasing my tail trying to track it down...

  The May version was issuing dhcp addresses fine...

  Also the September version made the cabletron card think it was
  talking to a hermes based AP, and was showing the link test section
  in the client... However this seems to be not happening in the
  October release...

Best regards,
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