WEP troubles between Orinoco APs and hostap driver?

Bruno Lopes F. Cabral bruno at openline.com.br
Tue Oct 22 17:53:41 EDT 2002

Hi there

I noticed something strange using hostap 2002-05-19
in managed mode (with wep enabled) and two orinoco
APs (AP200 and AP1000) with Data Security Enabled:

For some reason the linux client can associate with
the AP but will not exchange traffic with it. iwconfig
will show Link Quality: 0/92 (zero/92) and a simple
ping test will not succeed

I did tests with both a prism2 card with station
firmware 0.7.5 and a (desktop) Linksys WMP11 (PCI)
with station firmware 1.3.4. Both using driver's wep,
same behaviour appears

If I change one (i.e. the WMP11 card) to master mode 
the other prism2 client associates just fine (and the 
ping test works)

Using orinoco_cs with a orinoco silver card on my notebook
(with wep enabled) also works with both a hostap in master
mode and the orinoco APs without any problems

Is this a know bug or feature??

Hints on what I could be doing wrong would be greattelly 

from Brazil

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