soundcard and hostap wierdness

Aaron Kurtz dragoonak at
Thu Oct 24 03:52:18 EDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 19:54, Duncan Robertson wrote: 

> I am using the current CVS hostap drivers with 2.4.19 (debian, AMD K6) and
> a dlink dwl 520. All works VERY well, except when I play mp3s (using
> mpg321 or some other player) the network response basicly dies, though
> starts up again perfectly as soon as I kill the mp3 playback. The sound

I have the same problem where any played audio just kills the
connection, but I've seen it with multiple wireless Linux drivers, so
it's not just hostap. Hardware is a Abit Bp6, es1371 soundcard, DVD and
CD-R drives, and a Linksys wmp11. No IRQ conflict, and moving the card
didn't work. Only thing I can I add is that I've seen one other person
have the same problem while using Windows and a wireless card. I suspect
the motherboard's the problem, but until this gets fixed, I'm getting
reacquainted with my CD collection. 

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