How to get the station bit rate from the AP?

Victor Aleo victor.aleo at
Tue Oct 22 19:14:27 EDT 2002

Hi everybody,

I use the version Prism2-2002-05-19 of the driver and the WLAN card 
configured in Master mode (AP). I would like to get, for each station 
associated with the AP, the bit rate that the stations are using (1, 2, 
5.5 or 11). How can I get this information?

I have seen that in the file 
"/proc/net/prism2/wlan#/IEEE_MAC_STATION_ADDRESS" it is possible to 
check the even the bytes transmitted and received at each bit rate but I 
have not seen any field with the information: "Current bit rate of the 
station = 11 Mbps", for instance.



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