0.7.5 to 1.4.9 firmware upgrade??

Alejandro Lamas azeta at enterate.org
Thu Oct 17 02:09:41 EDT 2002

> I have several compaq WL100 PCMCIA cards, based on Prism2 chipset (HFA3841,
> NICID 0x8002). However, all the firmwares available at
> http://www.netgate.com/support/prism_firmware are for the chipsets prism2.5
> and prism3  (HFA3842, NICID 0x800A and higher).
> I'm hoping that the firmware for the zoom card fixed by Alejandro Lamas
> (http://hostap.epitest.fi/hostap/2002-08/1540.html) will work on the compaq
> WL100 (and also WL200), as it is a prism2 card (HFA3841, NICID 0x8003)
> (Alejandro: please confirm if you can).

I cannot assure it, but like the characteristics of your cards differs is 
probably that the upgrade don't work. Really i don't know.

But... i didn't fix the firmware, simply i send it badly the first time. I 
ask Zoom for the firmware and they give me it.
The same form, you can ask Compaq to support an upgrade firmware.

> To perform the actual flashing (tomorrow) I will be using the Intersil
> windows utility (WinUpdate-0-5-1-0.exe) that is inside
> (ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Wireless/DWL650/Firmware/dwl650_firmware_8c2.exe) 
> (see http://hostap.epitest.fi/hostap/2002-07/1379.html)

This utility must tell you if the firmware image is a valid image before 
start to flash.. (i think)

(sorry if i respond too late)

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