Firmware STA 1.5.4, R1010504.HEX

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Wed Oct 16 03:45:25 EDT 2002

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 11:47:58PM +0200, Jacques Caron wrote:

> 2. What about extracting the images from the Windows driver file? I've 
> never looked at a firmware image, but the driver (PRISMNDS.SYS) contains a 

> Which look very much like firmware flashing instructions to me :-) Of 
> course, once would have to find which bits are each of the two images, but 
> anybody familiar with the firmware file format should be able to find that 
> pretty easily...

Yes, those are indeed firmware images and even in the good old S3
format. prism2_srec did not support one firmware info record in the
images, but I just added support for it. In addition, I added a small
script (split_combined_hex) for automatic extraction of the separate
image files. Both the changes are now in CVS.

I was able to install Intersil drivers with WINE, so Windows is not even
needed for this.. Anyway, after getting the driver binary somewhere,
extracting the images just requires running following commands:

strings PRISMNDS.sys | grep '^S[0-9]' | split_combined_hex

Windows driver seemed to include three versions of both the primary and
station firmware (check split_combined_hex output for list of supported
platforms). All the ímages are (obviously) RAM downloadable. Primary
images are for somewhat newer cards, but station firmware in
R1010504.HEX seems to support even older cards.

There seems to be something wrong in the interface compatibility
verification of prism2_srec. I have assumed that different variant in
interfaces is a fatal error, but it might not be in all cases. Anyway, I
added '-i' option for prism2_srec to ignore those errors. Use it at your
own risk..

I was able to upgrade (RAM download) Compaq WL200 with the 1.5.4 station
firmware ('-i' was required for prism2_srec) using R1010504.HEX. I
haven't tested the resulting image with any real data transfers, but at
least it initialized properly and RIDs can be retrieved with

I haven't yet experimented with RAM downloadable primary firmware (with
Prism2.5). It would be nice to get it working since this would probably
allow one to use RAM download even when the card has old primary image
in the flash.

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