OpenAP needs new maintainer?

Pavel Roskin proski at
Sat Oct 12 22:07:38 EDT 2002


Sorry for writing to this list.  If there is a better place, please let me

OpenAP project appears to be dead.  The mailing list stopped working on
September 17, the new messages to the list were not archived after
September 25.  Only one of the developers answered me in private saying
that he is too busy.  Two days ago the website went down.

The CVS still works (no wonder, it's on GNU), however, the code in CVS
doesn't work.  Essentially, there are many undocumented manual steps
required to build the image.  There are obvious bugs in some utilities,
that must have been fixed in the image, but the fixes never made it to

This most obvious example is opening the flash image in update.c with the
flag O_RDWR, which fails on read-only filesystems.  It must have been
fixed in the image, or it would not work.  But it isn't in CVS.

File sramconfig is obviously needed to build the primary (i.e. SRAM) 
kernel, but it's not referenced in any script or document on CVS.  And the 
list goes on.

The fact is - the whole build system needs complete rewriting.  Somebody
should take over the maintenance.

I'm working on a new OpenAP implementation, with kernel PCMCIA, devfs,
really working build scripts, updated utilities, and of course, new
HostAP.  I'm very busy now and I don't have time to make a release or to
maintain it.  Don't even ask.

However, if somebody else wants to take over maintenance of OpenAP, please
let me know, and I'll send you what I have.  I made some fixes for the
kernel (devfs in MTD, crash in pcmcia), rewrote the perl script that
generates images (it won't ever tell you that you have -300kb free) and
made many other changes.

This is work in progress and I'm not going to support it in any form,
except explaining my changes to the person who takes over the maintenace 
of OpenAP.

Pavel Roskin

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