[VPN] One certificate by Checkpoint SecureClient

Guez guez at free.fr
Thu Jan 20 04:52:41 EST 2005



I am working in a society that have some different sites with Checkpoint
FW-1/VPN-1 installed. In addition, I have some persons that they must
connect by secureclient at these different sites. I am using the internal CA
of Checkpoint to create the certificates. Therefore, these persons have one
certificate for each connection to these sites. What I want to do it's to
have one certificate by nomad person which permit them to connect at all
these sites.


So I need the same CA on each Checkpoint module.


I try to export an internal CA from one checkpoint module to another one and
add it like OPSEC PKI. However, after I generate the certificate request for
my gateway, I don't know how to sign this one by my first checkpoint module
which delivered the internal CA.


If you are any ideas of how can I make this stuff .

Thank you for your help!




Ps: Sorry for my English but I am French.


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