[VPN] Netscreen/VPN Global Policy Foul-up

Travis Taggart travis.taggart at grdhd.org
Thu Apr 21 14:41:26 EDT 2005

Hello fellow techs.  I tried to send this e-mail before but didn't know
if it went through.


I have a rather large problem with my Group Policy not going over my VPN
connection.  I've changed some settings here in my district office, such
as the Log On notice screen, enabled blank username on login, some
password changes, and various other local/global polices here. Out at my
6 counties that use Netscreen 5xp's to connect back to my Netscreen 25
all computers are not downloading and updating the Domain Policy that
has been changed. 


I've tried to change it manually but on Win2k machines, it's effective
policy is from the domain back when the machine was originally put on
the network in the District Office.  On Windows XP machines, I can
change it manually and it will work, it doesn't seem to have any of the
Domain Policy settings being downloaded to it.  


SO I ask for some technical advice on how to make this work.  Get the
Group Policy to shoot over the VPN.  All Drives are being mapped and
things like that work in the 6 counties. 






Computer Technical Specialist


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