[VPN] Domain not Pushing settings thru Netscreen VPN

Travis Taggart travis.taggart at grdhd.org
Thu Apr 14 11:06:23 EDT 2005

I have a Netscreen 25 at the main site, and Netscreen 5xps at all six
other sites. I've recently changed group policy, and installed a WUS
server at the main site.  For the life of me I cannot get the changes in
group policy to disseminate across the VPN tunnels. Everywhere at the
main site is up and running with the new settings and it works great,
but the outlying sites will not update.  I've run force update on the
outlying sites at one of the machines and it will not download the new
GPO policy settings. If you have any ideas on how to resolve this issue
please let me know. 

Travis.taggart at grdhd.org 

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