[VPN] VPN and quarantine

Frédéric ESNOUF frederic at esnouf.net
Wed Apr 6 10:04:00 EDT 2005


First of all I need to apology because I am not a tech guy especially on your
technology, so I may ask a strange question.

This question is about VPN.

I need to implement a solution for about 300 users. As the project leader, I
first started to learn about a little bit more about VPN architecture and I had
a few presentations mentioning a new ‘vision’ of VPN protection supposed to
isolate the remote user, analyze him/her and if compliant with the security
policy authorize traffic.

CISCO called this project NAC, Microsoft supplies this with ISA 2004 as a
quarantine functionality.

The idea of checking the remote user configuration AFTER VPN authentication and
BEFORE any flow of data on the private lan is interesting.

I would like to know if I can implement this solution with a Linux OS.

Could you advise me ? Give me some links ?

Thanks a lot for your help


Frederic at esnouf.net

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