[VPN] Recommendations

Paul R. Yaskowski paul at yaskowski.com
Thu Apr 8 23:39:58 EDT 2004

I'm looking to setup a site-to-site VPN the replace a leased line used
solely for AS/400 access. I have a couple questions as to what I should get.

The main office consists of about 25 users with static SDSL. The remote
office is about 5 users with dynamic ADSL.

I've looked at the PIX-501, but I've always been a little scared of per-user
licensing. If I purchased a 10-user PIX-501, and set it behind the SDSL at
the main office, it would only allow 10 users to get Internet access?

No matter what product I choose, would a site-to-site VPN work with a static
address on one side and a dynamic on the other?

Would any PIX handle PPPoE with a dynamically assigned IP?

The company is cost-conscious, and I've looked at the PIX-506E, without the
per-user licensing, but it is 50% more.

Any comments or suggestions as to which products I should look at would be a
great boon to me. I prefer Cisco products, because I am familiar with their
interface, but am flexible.

I would appreciate any help with this, I had Cisco certs back in the
hey-day, but I worked with them so rarely that I let the certs expire.


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