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Asymmetric DSL connections are typically 768 kbps or 1.5 MBps in the
"downstream" direction and 128kbps or 256 kbps in the "upstream"
direction. Since at least one of your sites is always sending "upstream"
in a VPN link, you're limited to the upstream bandwidth for your VPN

If you have 128 Kbps as your upstream bandwidth on your ADSL
connections, you're getting the same VPN speed as ISDN, although web
surfing and other downloading activities outside of the VPN will be

So, I think you'll either want to look at switching your links to
business-class Symmetric DSL (SDSL), which typically 384 kbps in both
directions, or at least moving to faster ADSL that has 256kbps or more
upstream bandwidth. As long as you stay with the same ISP, this switch
shouldn't be too expensive.

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I am working for the Mental Health charity SANE, helping out on their IT
side. My experience is as a Business Analyst/Project Manager in
Application Development not Networking.

However, they have very little IT knowledge and it has fallen to me to
investigate their network setup and its performance. I wonder if you can
help me - or point me in a better direction...

We have recently changed to an ASDL connection from ISDN. We have 3
sites linked via a VPN and have not noticed an improvement in
performance since this changed. We expected that there would be an
improvement but have been told that the speed was not expected to have
been improved by this change. Having read a bit of the "Weakest Link"
link on your website, I would think that ASDL would speed things up - Is
this correct?


Andy Burnett

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