[VPN] IPSEC over load-shared T1s (per packet)

Dana J. Dawson djdawso at qwest.com
Fri Sep 19 11:17:48 EDT 2003

Unless you're doing NAT, the CRC of the IP packet will not change.  This sounds 
more like an issue with out-of-order packets, especially if you have any 
fragmentation going on, since some devices don't like out-of-order fragments. 
The easiest fix may be to set the MTU of your VPN devices down to avoid 
fragmentation completely (1400 or so is probably a good number), but you may 
have other options as well.  For example, Cisco has some specific commands in 
IOS for dealing with fragmentation and PMTU Discovery.

God luck!


TSimons at Delphi-Tech.com wrote:

> Hello All
> Recently we doubled our internet bandwith to two T1s from the same provider
> that terminate on in the same router on the NOC side.
> We setup IP LOAD-SHARING PER-PACKET on each of the serial links on both
> sides (NOC and Us) in order to get an aggregate 3.0mbit. PER-PACKET routing
> alternates usage of the T1s, one for one...
> Since then, VPN performance has taken a dive.  Sniffing out traffic, ESP
> packets are sent 3-4 times before they can be properly decrypted. 
> Someone along the way said that using PER-PACKET routing changes the CRC
> value of the packets.  Is this correct, has anyone else seen this issue?  I
> can't see how the CRC is changed, the hop count isn't changing, the lines
> are identical, and they terminate in the same router, so the last hop is the
> F0/0 interface of the router before getting to the firewall.
> Thanks,
> ~Todd
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