[VPN] VPNs, bandwidths, and Citrix

Pete Jacob pjacob at ftmc.com
Thu May 22 20:09:05 EDT 2003


it sounds like you are doing the right thing...
allot would depend on what kind of bandwidth you have to play with, and
what kind of bandwidth the remote users have... if you have a t3, and 
the remote user has a 56k dial-up to the internet, then it probably
would not work real well... try and get the remote users something
stable as possible, do some research to make sure that both your
internet (VPN) connection and the remote users ISP's are not
over-subscribed... I also have separate vpn connections into my work
with different ISP's just in case one goes down, user's can connection
thru the other one.

What kind of VPN connection would the remote users be using? PPTP? L2TP?
Ipsec (clientless?) this may have some effect on bandwidth...


> Are three users on a VPN the bottleneck, such that a Citrix installation
> will not drastically help.  
> What is the bandwidth over a VPN, how is it shared and maximized?  
> Am I correct in assuming that Citrix helps this only by reducing the amount
> of data being sent over the VPN?
> Thank you so much in advance!
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