[VPN] VPNs, bandwidths, and Citrix

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Citrix will definitely cut the needed bandwidth, but its an expensive
solution for 3 people.  If Microsoft Terminal Server is sufficient, you
could use that and it comes with Win2000.  Another option would be remote
controlling PCs on site, local to the DB.   ...it depends what kind of
budget you have.

Terminal Server and Citrix will both run over a dialup connection.


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I have a couple of very basic questions about VPN management.  I just
recently started as a SysAdmin for a small non-profit that used to out
source most of its IT.  I worked in technical support on the client side of
a large university network, so I'm farely computer literate and capable but
a neubie to small office environments, system administration etc.

We currently have three employees accessing a centrally located database
over a VPN through a Watchguard Firebox system.  The performance is
horrendous due to the amount of data being sent back and forth.  It has been
suggested that we install a Citrix Metaframe system to drastically reduce
the amount of data being sent.  Two questions come to mind that I was hoping
someone could help me with:

Are three users on a VPN the bottleneck, such that a Citrix installation
will not drastically help.  
What is the bandwidth over a VPN, how is it shared and maximized?  
Am I correct in assuming that Citrix helps this only by reducing the amount
of data being sent over the VPN?

Thank you so much in advance!


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