[VPN] VPN Netscreen 50 to Linksys BEFVP41

Mike Biser thebum at earthlink.net
Wed May 21 16:20:02 EDT 2003

I have several VPN tunnels currently setup between our office Netscreen 50 and remote Linksys BEFVP41 routers, both sides of the tunnel having static IPs, and everything is great!  What I'm trying to do is reconfigure one of the Linksys routers to a dynamic IP and still have the VPN tunnel to the Netscreen.  

So far I've been unsuccessful - Where I think I'm running into trouble is with the Netscreen.  When reconfiguring this VPN tunnel, I changed the option from "Static IP" to "Dynamic IP" which now requires me to put in a "Peer ID".  From what I can tell, the Linksys doesn't have this Peer ID field.  

Any ideas?
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