[VPN] Host to Host VPN

Walt Reynolds waltr at umich.edu
Wed May 21 10:09:08 EDT 2003

Forgive me if this was discussed before, but I do not see a way to search
the archives.

I have a few general questions that I am hoping you all can help me with.

1. Host to Host VPN connections.  I am looking for a software solution
that will allow me to connect singular machines together (well not
exactly)  I have a single machine that would need to be able to have
multiple machines connected to it.  Can this be done...


I was thinking PGPnet, but still confused on that.  The easiest answer is
probably a hardware one, but want to avoid that for now.  So I would like
to be able to set up some connection that encrypts the data between.  SSH
and the like will not work (as far as I know) as they need to connect to
a Foxpro database on PC-1 and work through their machines (PC-[a-c])

Actually, I will keep this to that question for now and ask others later.

-- Walt Reynolds
   University of Michigan

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