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Please pay attention to zones.

You have separate set of policies between the zones

Probably you have set policies for untrust-trust zone (I expect that Port-2
assign to untrust zone)
and do not have the policy from trust to untrust?!



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I am trying to setup NetScreen 25 with three Ethernet
ports and running into some issues.

NS-25 with 3 ports:

Port 1 will be used for one private network. (TRUST, NAT)

Port 2 will be used for another private network. (DMZ-ROUTE)

Port 3 will be used to access the Internet. <--bogus IP. (UNTRUST)

Right now, I am able to access from DMZ to TRUST but
not the other way around....TRUST to DMZ.

How do I set it up? Any help on this would be much


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