[VPN] Win2K RRAS and firewalls

support at tradescan.cc support at tradescan.cc
Tue May 6 11:00:40 EDT 2003

The more I look at my current VPN solution the more I come to realize that I
need some sort of firewall software for my Win2K server running RRAS.

Let me explain a little and hopefully someone here can come up with a

I've built a Win2K Server box that will go off site as an "access server"
for the subscription based service my company provides.  Our on site Win2K
Pro data server makes the outgoing call to the VPN server to establish a
PPTP tunnel to pass data (in this case multicast data).  Once I send my box
off site, I have to consider it a hostile entity because it will be plugged
into a network that I have no control over.  I would much rather block
"stuff" on the VPN server (it's only job is to handle VPN traffic) than
block "stuff" on my data server as it provides data to both VPN and non-VPN
customers.  Also by blocking from the VPN server side, I waste as little
bandwidth as possible.

Does anyone make a software firewall package that works and plays well with
RRAS servers?

John Guynn
System Administrator
support at tradersparadise.com

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