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> I'm attempting to set up a VPN.  The host is a 2000 server op system - and
is connected to a LAN.  I'm running into problems though.  Our fractional T1
enters the building on an ADTRAN voice/IP box.  It then is directed to a
router, and continues to be
> distributed over the LAN.
> I've tried a few times to configure VPN - all failures.  If I use the make
a new connection wizard for the host, I get a certification error when
trying to connect
> from a client.  If I use the Rmote access and Routing wizard for the host,
I get a no answer when trying to connect from a client.
> Do I need two seperate NICs for the server?  or what am I doing wrong?  Do
I need to purchase/create a certificate, or will it work without one?
> Thanks for your help,
> Dave


You can do PPTP with Win2K and not use certtificates...provided PPTP fits
your needs.

As far as no answer, is your VPN server behind a firewall?  If so is port
1723 forwarded to your server?  Also you'll need GRE support.


John Guynn
System Administrator
support at tradersparadise.com

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