Ang: [VPN] VPN and FW separated or integrated ?

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The Cisco VPN 3000 is a nice box with funky lights? >)

Are the remote users going to connect via the Cisco
VPN-client, the Easy VPN-client or regular site to site

The Cisco VPN 3000 is much easier to handle when
it comes to remote user access.
Especially if you are going to have lots of different
usergroups with different privileges and such stuff.
Also, if memory serves me right and things haven't
changed recently you have better control of the
built in personal firewall in the VPN-client from the
VPN 3000 box. You'd better checkt that out though
if it is important to you...




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We are currently looking to implement a homeworking
solution for max 300 users. For this matter, i am
wondering if any of you could tell me what is the
benifit in buying separetly VPN and firewall device.
More specifically, comparing the Cisco VPN3000 box
with the PIX firewall, can somebody tell me why should
i use a VPN3000 box if a PIX535 with 6.3 software on
it give me all the VPN and FW capabilities I could
dream of ?

Many thanks,


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