[VPN] MSN Messenger Video Conference

Seth Robinson seth.robinson at maine.edu
Mon Mar 31 15:48:28 EST 2003

Hey Everyone!

I am trying to set up video conferencing between two of our offices
through MSN Exchange Client.  When I initialize a video conversation
with someone else, it always works, but when they try to initialize it,
it doesn't.  The computers do not connect.  This happens with any
feature of MSN that requires the two computer to connect.

We are using Sonicwall Hardware.  We have a pro-200 where I am, and a
SOHO 2 and 3 at the other branches.  We have a box to box VPN up.

What I'm wondering is if I need to do something to the config to make
all the ports that MSN uses work both ways.  I know that for video
conferencing the h.323 protocol is used, but I'm wondering if there is
something special we need to set up to make that work both ways over the

Seth R.

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