[VPN] lan to lan vpn over dsl!!?

Robert E Bunzli rbunzli at csc.com
Thu Mar 27 06:33:20 EST 2003

Configure your B2B tunnels on the Contivity in Profiles/Branch Office,
create a group and a tunnel config on both boxes.  If you configure as
IPSec tunnels, that's what you'll need to allow through your firewall.
Probably UDP500, AH, ESP, possibly a UDP port for NAT if you use that.
Monitor traffic to see if you even need AH...   Robert

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I have a Nortel Contivity 1700 on my network for VPN tunnels.  I have some
locations that I have dsl running into them.  Does anyone know how to
create a lan to lan vpn connection over that dsl connection?  We have tried
to put a nortel 1010 vpn appliance on the dmz of the dsl router and have
had no success yet.  Does anyone know the ports that need to be forwarded
on the dsl router to get the nortels to talk?

Jeremy Oliver

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