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I read a good book a couple of years ago, but it may still be relevant.  It
is a 'management level' book that provides broad coverage.
IT Manager's Guide to Virtual Private Networks (ISBN 0071352023) and I
bought it at a SANS conference if that helps you make your choice.
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Can anyone recommend a Good VPN IPSec Resource Book that covers VPN Remote
Access and B2B for a consultant. I know there are lots of resources and
books out there but I didn't want to keep getting refered to the RFC's which
overwelm you with pointless information. 
I was think of getting :



Ipsec: The New Security Standard for the Internet, Intranets, and Virtual
Private Networks
author=Doraswamy%2C%20Naganand/202-7802548-5906200> Naganand Doraswamy,
author=Harkins%2C%20Dan/202-7802548-5906200> Dan Harkins
Anyone else read this ?
Thanks in advance


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