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Chad Osmond osmond at holburn.com
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Unless you have a specific QOS policy with your provider you may not be
able to rectify this problem.

We had a problem similar to this, our line speed would degrade after 5-6
hours to 56kb/s speeds. Reset the modem and it worked fine. 

We are in Canada, so Bell Canada is responsible for the DSL Lines, we
had a few tech's come in and check the lines - everything was fine. 

We ended up canceling our service and going with a 3rd party provider.
When the bell technician came to install we told him of the problems we
were having and had him find a really clean pair of wires coming into
the building and hook those up for us. 

We ended up getting about 3.75Mb/s. With no problems.

Good luck, I would try to get a different line pair used.


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We have 3 to 5 users working from home through VPN on consumer DSL or
> modem  connections.  There are days when the connections are good and
> when they are bad, i.e., they get disconnected frequently that they
> to dialing up to our RAS.   We are using SonicWalls in the VPN
> you have any suggestions on how to address this problem?
> Abe

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