[VPN] freeswan vs. kame

Watson, Travis Travis.Watson at Honeywell.com
Tue Mar 18 19:23:50 EST 2003


Both are going to be about the same speed--not enough to go one way or the other anyway.  But FreeBSD is probably going
to be a little tidier because the kernel is so tight (relatively).  Since the SAs are stored there, I would give the
very partial nod to Kame (assuming you wanted to scale beyond one tunnel).  The real pros/cons would be the standard
"who supports it," "who maintains it", etc.  That, or what do you and/or your guys feel more comfortable with.  Either
would be fine and either would work well on cheap hardware.


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a serious inquiry despite the flame-bait subject line.

if the only metric is tunnel capacity (where 1 "tunnel" == 1 IKE plus 2 P2
SAs), which will scale higher -- Freeswan on RH Linux 8.0 or KAME on FreeBSD
4.7, of course given equivalent hardware?

no religious debates, please. thanks.


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