[VPN] Win2K VPN ports

Roger Qian roger.qian at sholodge.com
Fri Mar 14 17:58:44 EST 2003

Thank you all.
I setting up this VPN is to replace a NT4.0 RRAS. Eventually I'll setup a
PIX VPN using IPSec.
I tested a W2k VPN using one NIC, and it didn't work. I have to use 2-NIC in
the system. I opened TCP port 1723 and permit GRE over a public IP. I'm
still working on it...
Thanks again

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You need to open UDP port no. 500 in case if you are using IPSec/IKE as the 
protocol.  Otherwise you need to open TCP port no. 1723 in case you are 
using PPTP.  For L2TP, it is 1701.

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