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Fri Mar 14 03:56:40 EST 2003

Are you using GRE as well as VPN?
If you do, I really recommend you to check
the MTU since both GRE and ESP increases
the size of the packet...


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2003-03-14 04:02
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	Ärende:	[VPN] ADSL Client

I'm having trouble with an ADSL connection from the client side. It connects
fine but when I try to browse my local network the VPN connection
disconnects. And I get this error in the log:

GRE: read(fd=5,buffer=bfffd8c0,len=8260) from network failed: status = -1
error = Message too long
Mar 10 10:02:35 vpn-sobralecosta pptpd[1805]: CTRL: GRE read or PTY write
failed (gre,pty)=(5,4)
Mar 10 10:02:35 vpn-sobralecosta pptpd[1805]: CTRL: Client
control connection finished

Any thoughts about this?

Thanks in advance


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