[VPN] Obtaining Client VPN Address Automatically

Steinert, Deryl dus at ornl.gov
Thu Mar 13 16:50:35 EST 2003

Is there any way to get the client VPN address that has been assigned to
the client machine through querying the VPN client or from an environment
variable or some other method?

I have a Java application that needs to register a remote object on the
client machine so that a Java server can send it updates through RMI

I have to set the java.rmi.server.hostname Java property on the command
line to the Java client to be the IP address assigned to the client by the
VPN server.

The only way to get this that I can see is to look at the value assigned
by the VPN server and enter it by hand into the startup script for the
Java client.

Would like some way to get the IP address automatically set in the

Deryl Steinert

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