Ang: [VPN] Nokia Crypto Cluster 500 VPN appliance

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Mon Mar 10 03:30:29 EST 2003

The Nokia CryptoCluster line was discontinued around the end of 2001, if memory serves me right for a change...
It was a really nice VPN appliance originating from Network Alchemy that Nokia bought a couple of years ago.
The failover time for example was really wicked. As far as I know a company whose firewall and VPN software
is used on Nokia's IPSO-platform wasn't entirely happy with the competition so they basically strongarmed
Nokia to kill the Crypto Cluster line otherwise they would not be able to continue sell the IPSO-platform with the
other companys firewall and VPN software... Take the story with a truckload of salt if you feel like it...



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2003-03-07 16:36
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	Ärende:	[VPN] Nokia Crypto Cluster 500 VPN appliance

Is this new or old?  I have never heard of it before and want to know what
you think of it if you use it.

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