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What do you mean by "lose NATted IPs"?  Apparently its still passing
traffic if AIM is working.  Does it affect only a few people?  When the
"problem" occurs, do a show "show xlate" and "show conn" and post those
results.  Also, the configuration of nat, static, and global statements
would be helpful.  How many users?


You would probably get better assistance by posting to Cisco's
Networking forum.  It's a free forum to post questions by topic.  It's
answered by the public and by Cisco engineers. There is one specifically
for firewalls.  Networking Forum/Security/Firewalls.  All you need is a
CCO login.





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Hi there,

Does anybody know where I can get free support for a Cisco 515 firewall?

I have a bizzare problem that is doing my head in.

It seems to lose translation of NAT'd ips on the internal lan and the
only way I can resolve this is to clear the xlate table, but this means
that everybody gets bumped off AIM, and then I get calls complaining
about lack of Internet. I have the refresh time for xlate down to 5
minutes so that any idle xlates are removed, but it still has problems.




Nicholas Irving

nirving at casinoreality.com

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