[VPN] pki for remote users.

Siddhartha Jain losttoy2000 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 7 01:06:34 EST 2003


Though I recently implemented a PKI based
authentication for a remote user VPN solution, I
haven't seen such implementations popular here in
India yet. Using open source tools - None. But using
OpenSSL + OpenLDAP is a good idea and if I had to
implement my own security infrastructure I would
definitely use open source tools. 



 --- John <strgout at unixjunkie.com> wrote: > just
wondering how many folks out there use certs
> via pki to auth remote 
> users and such, and if they are using any opensrc
> tools to do so.
> BTW if anyone has a url they would like to send me
> in some for of a RTFM
> feel free.
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