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Sounds like there is too much traffic contending for the available
bandwidth. The problem may not even lie with congestion on your ADSL or
leased line, but rather on the internet path between the two.

I would suggest looking at some trace routes between the two
destinations to see where the delays and dropped packets are occurring.
You need to do this outside of the Ipsec tunnel, of course.

A good tool for this sort of analysis is available at
http://VisualRoute.com, or you can use the tools built into your
operating systems. Sometimes firewall rules block these ICMP packets, so
you might have to tweak your rules to get meaningful trace routes.

After you know where the delays and dropped packets are occurring on the
network, complain to the relevant ISP.

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Hi all,

I have just setup a VPN between London and Rotterdam using an ADSL line
one end and a 256k leased line on the other.I have 2 checkpoint firewall
devices on each office, it all works. My problem is for users runing
applications over the network, in particular citrix to connect to a Sun
server. Its absolutely crawling! When I ping between the offices its
one reply one time-out and the ping times go up and down... Is there
anything I can do to speed up application access across the network?
Any advice would be appreciated...


Mauricio Oliveira

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