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Due to the ping results it sounds like you may have multiple default gateways or some similar routing issue.
The latency is going to be up and down on an ADSL line as it is traversing the internet and it is unpredictable with no QoS.
Citrix is designed to be run over low bandwidth connections so I wouldn't think it has anything to do with the app but more to do with the network connectivity.
If every other packet is having to be retransmitted that would explain the extra delay.
-Chris Gripp

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Hi all,

I have just setup a VPN between London and Rotterdam using an ADSL line on
one end and a 256k leased line on the other.I have 2 checkpoint firewall
devices on each office, it all works. My problem is for users runing
applications over the network, in particular citrix to connect to a Sun
server. Its absolutely crawling! When I ping between the offices its always
one reply one time-out and the ping times go up and down... Is there
anything I can do to speed up application access across the network?
Any advice would be appreciated...


Mauricio Oliveira

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