[VPN] Bit off Topic

Mattias Eriksson me at leissner.se
Wed Mar 5 13:49:20 EST 2003


I can think of two things: Error in NAT/PAT configuration or a bug in 
software. What version is on the PIX? How many connections do you have when 
it stops?


Mattias E

--On onsdag den 5 mars 2003 11:23 +0000 Nicholas Irving 
<nirving at casinoreality.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> Does anybody know where I can get free support for a Cisco 515 firewall?
> I have a bizzare problem that is doing my head in.
> It seems to lose translation of NAT'd ips on the internal lan and the
> only way I can resolve this is to clear the xlate table, but this means
> that everybody gets bumped off AIM, and then I get calls complaining
> about lack of Internet. I have the refresh time for xlate down to 5
> minutes so that any idle xlates are removed, but it still has problems.
> Thanks
> Nicholas Irving
> nirving at casinoreality.com

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