[VPN] Network Design for security.

Garrett Sinfield garrettsinfield at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 18 00:51:47 EDT 2003

Hello. Recently my network was hacked, and I'm planning on rebuilding my
network (they hacked an outdated ftp server that I was unaware was
running). I'm not sure if this should really be going on this mailing
list, but I was wondering if anyone would know a decent network design
that would implement great security.

My home LAN currently consists of a cisco 2507 router (11.2 IOS, soon to
upgrade IOS) linksys router (four port). A laptop running slackware, a box 
running win98, and two other boxes running linux (one box is in a serious 
need for an upgrade, but I don't have the funds to do it yet). My one box 
has three NIC cards in it as well, so it could be used as a router.

I was just curious if anyone has a good idea for a network design that I
could implement for maximum security. I'm currently somewhat clueless when 
it comes to networks. I'd also like to know where I should be placing the 
VPN, and wether or not I should be using PoPToP or FreeS/WAN.

Any ideas or comments would be appreciated!


Garrett Sinfield.

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